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Stacey Abrams Is Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy

This effort is led by Dr. Jeanine Abrams McLean, Fair Count’s president who is also a trained viral evolutionary biologist with former CDC experience. For …

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Faith Spotlight: Rev. Dr. Barbara Lewis King, Hillside Chapel and Truth Center

Namaskar! As we approach the end of the 2020 International Women’s History Month, the Fair Count Faith Team is proud to honor the late Rev. …

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Calling All Census Nerds: Our Communities Are Counting on Us

In collaboration with the Weissberg Foundation, Fair Count’s Vice President Jeanine Abrams McLean wrote a blog post: Calling All Census Nerds: Our Communities Are Counting …

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Fair Count Launch

Fair Count, founded by Leader Stacey Abrams and led by Rebecca DeHart, CEO and Jeanine Abrams, Program Director, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring …

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