Fair Count Launch

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Fair Count in the Community Image

Fair Count, founded by Leader Stacey Abrams and led by Rebecca DeHart, CEO and Jeanine Abrams, Program Director, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that hard to communities (HTC) in Georgia and across the nation receive a fair and accurate Census count in 2020.

The census decides the apportionment of nearly $675 billion dollars per year and is vital in the allocation of these funds for schools, redistricting, healthcare, and so much more.  There are many barriers to a fair and accurate count in Georgia including the fact that about 20% of Georgia’s population is HTC. These communities primarily consist of minorities, non-english speakers, renters, and people of low economic status. 2020 is also the first time that the census will be conducted mostly online. Through partnerships with these HTC communities and initiatives to close the digital divide by bringing the internet to HTC communities, Fair Count is on a mission to achieve a fair and accurate account, while also strengthening pathways to greater civic engagement.

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