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Fair Count is committed to helping communities with little to no access to the Internet get connected. Our Technology department is researching Internet access all over this state and creating Internet installations complete with tablets and Chromebooks for the community to use in areas that are hard to reach.

With a goal of more than 150 unique Internet installations, Fair Count seeks to bridge the technical divide and provide resources to communities in the long term.

Internet Installations

Check out our map to see where we have made installations to date.

Please click the Contact button below if you have recommendations of locations in your community that could benefit from this service. Ideally, we’re looking for places in a central location and/or places that residents are familiar with (i.e., community centers, barber shops, businesses, etc.). We are also looking for places that exist beyond the urban hubs (Note: Not all recommended locations will be serviced).

A member of the Fair Count team will follow up with you if additional details are needed. Thank you!

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