Faith Weekend of Action

Greetings from Fair Count's Faith Team!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to the Weekend of Action, and we’re honored to present the event in partnership with the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia and Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church. We look forward to being a part of your weekend and to developing relationships that will empower and improve our community.

This weekend, we’ll focus on the process and implications of redistricting. The impacts are far-ranging and will affect the next decade in Georgia – and in our nation. These changes have often disproportionately impacted our community, carving us into districts that limit our political power and deprive us of access to the resources that support education, healthcare, and public safety.

We must be heard in this process, and being heard starts this weekend with YOU! Please use the hashtag #GMBC4FairDistricts as you share and engage with us.

Faith Institution Toolkits

Weekend of Action Toolkit

Fight for fair districts with faith and works during Fair Count’s Faith Weekend of Action October 23 – 25! This toolkit has everything you need, from redistricting information to social media content to connections with other faith leaders who are as passionate as you about equity!

Black Churches Redistricting Toolkit

Redistricting is happening now, and how it plays out will affect your community for the next 10 years. To learn more about redistricting and how your faith institution can get involved, download our Black Churches Redistricting Toolkit today.

Weekend of Action Materials

Download a PowerPoint document with images for promotion, social media, and more!

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Weekend of Action Events

Sunday, October 24

Join us for a virtual Worship Experience with Rev. Dr. Johnnie H. Flakes III and Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church and get in the spirit of fighting for change, organizing for good, and keeping our communities together.

Monday, October 25

Fair Count has partnered with Fourth Street Baptist Church and the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia for a GMBC Fair Districts Informational and Community Maps of Interest Session!

We are hosting a one-hour virtual event focused on understanding the current redistricting process and drawing Community Maps of Interest.

The mapping process is fun, educational, and user-friendly, and training and guidance will be provided!

Faith Weekend of Action Partners

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