Midterm Motivations

A conversation with Georgia voters about the 2022 Midterm Election

In recent months, we’ve spoken to voters at events, held focus groups across the state, and sat down with community members one-on-one to ask them about their experience in the last statewide election. In total we collected 359 surveys from individual registered voters and spoke directly to 33 people across 8 focus groups.  

We found that the election had everyone’s attention—even those who didn’t participate—with 20% of non-voters still “closely” following the election. Traditional voter outreach still dominates, especially direct mail, which was the most remembered form of voter contact, reaching 76% of voters and 47% of non-voters. Voters we talked to disliked the overwhelming volume of information, much of it negative in tone, especially in the final months of the campaign season. Instead, voters were more interested in nonpartisan and local topics like “after-school programs for kids” and “fixing the roads.” Similarly, we found alignment with year-round organizing goals as many respondents requested in-person events, voter education, and opportunities to build community with neighbors over the long-term.

Click here to download the full report, including a list of recommendations, or scroll down to see sample quotes and findings from some of our conversations.

Key Findings

Listen to an audio clip from one of our focus groups.

Findings: Non-Voters

Findings: Voters

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